Welcome to Robotic

    Established in 2011 Robotic Ltd is an innovative company specialized in product R&D and software development. For the past years we've participated in many exciting and cutting-edge technology development and evolution for various businesses and research organizations. We design, create, support and manage the innovation in all aspects. Our team of engineers, programmers and scientists have vast experience in solving of complex interdisciplinary problems and new product development.

Robotic: We succeed together

Our expertise:


  • Software (desktop and embedded), web based and mobile app development
  • Custom OpenAI ChatGPT based solutions
  • Custom LLM fine-tuning (training) and integration
  • Server and cloud solutions design, setup and management (DNS, Web, Mail, Load-balancing, Databases, AI, LLM)
  • UNIX (FreeBSD) and Linux system administration
  • Server Virtualization (VMware)


  • Concept design and system architecture
  • Research, design and prototyping 
    of electronics, software and mechanical systems
  • Innovation project management
  • Embedded systems
  • Robotics, machine vision and AI
  • Product certification consulting (CE, FCC and etc)

Our Services

Explore our past projects

  • CAN to Ethernet board
  • CAN servo controller
  • Digital and Analog TCP-based I/O controller
  • Stereo vision object tracking system
  • Fiber optic and radio communication and telemetry transmition system
  • Video communication module
  • OpenCV image streaming server
  • ROS (Robot Operating System) embedded remote interface

Meet our service robots.

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