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We are an inovative company for prototyping electronic products and software development in the field of robotics and machine vision. Our team of engineers, programmers and scientists have vast expirience in solving complex interdisciplinary problems and new product development.


We can offer our respeced customers services in the following areas:

  • Inovation technical project management
  • Electronic products and PCB prototyping
  • Machine vision systems (motion and object recognition)
  • Stereo vision cameras
  • Embedded IP Control Boards
  • Any to Any Interface Conversion (including CAN, RS232, Ethernet, USB, CameraLink and etc.)
  • Data collection and database design
  • System (software and hardware) Architecture Design and programming
  • EMC compliance and CE mark consulting
  • Control interface design and programming (embedded, application, mobile and web-based)
  • Complex measurement systems and data grabbing
  • IOS application development





Some of our past and recent projects:

  • Remote controlled mobile robot – control electronics, user interface, radio and fiber optic communication modules
  • CAN to Ethernet board
  • CAN servo controller
  • Digital and Analog TCP-based I/O controller
  • Stereo vision object tracking system
  • Fiber optic and radio communication and telemetry transmition system
  • Video communication module
  • OpenCV image streaming server
  • ROS (Robot Operating System) embedded remote interface



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